Writing Tutor

Online, Affordable, For You or Your Kid

Just to answer some questions:

Who are you?

Please see my CV here.

What are you offering?

I am offering tutelage on writing essays, reports, short fiction, or any other class assignments that are graded in part by the quality of the writing. I will assist with making the prose more detailed and fluent in accordance with the criteria of the assignment, making essays more persuasive and avoiding logical fallacies, fixing grammatical errors, adding depth to the plots of fictional stories, and any other adjustments that will improve the assignment in terms of the writing.

Please note, however, that my services are best suited for clients who already have a firm grasp of English. I do not have experience with tutees for whom English is not a first language.

We can meet via online video chat services such as Megachat and Skype.

What experience do you have with writing?

Plenty. I have a bachelor's degree in communications, having taken classes in creative writing and screenwriting. I have composed descriptions of library collections in language that both flows naturally and abides by a controlled vocabulary so as to be easily accessed by people searching the database. My work, including film reviews and op-ed pieces, have appeared in college newspapers.

My writing skills have been described as "excellent" by numerous professors and newspaper editors. One editor requested that I write a memorandum to the paper's other film critics with advice on writing reviews.

What experience do you have with working with kids and young adults?

Plenty. I have worked in school libraries and "teen rooms" of public libraries where my duties included maintaining the order and discipline of the area. I instructed and supervised teenaged volunteers on a project. I worked in the children's department of a library, where I assisted young patrons and read books aloud to them. I should be fine with children as young as the fourth grade or so, provided of course they behave reasonably well and genuinely want to improve their work.

What experience do you have with teaching and tutoring?

I have tutored several students already. A mother of one of them says this:

Peter has been instructing my son in creative writing. His style of teaching and understanding of language and its usage are impeccable. He has guided my son in transforming ideas onto paper and elaborating them into a story.

How much are you charging?

I charge 30 USD per hour. Judging from my research, private tutors are known to charge much more.

How would I pay you?

I'm an old-fashioned sort and am planning to accept checks through the mail, but I suppose I can learn to use electronic payment services (Skrill, Square Cash, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, etc.) if need be.

How can I help besides hiring you?

If you don't have any use for my services yourself, I would very much appreciate it if you referred others to me who might. Thank you.

How should I contact you?

Please send an email to the address seen on the bottom of this page.