It doesn’t take a genius to know that some things are worth more than diamonds.

Realia Cover

A middle-grade soft science fiction novella

Graeme Pendlebury is a genius. Or at least his fellow fifth graders think so, and he’s in no rush to correct them. He dreams of enrolling at MIT and becoming a physicist. . .Until he goes there and finds a pencil case, with his name on it, full of diamonds. This leads to increasingly bizarre events that signify a looming crisis with stakes greater than Graeme could have possibly imagined. . .

★★★★★ Realia by Ulric Alvin Watts is a captivating and entertaining children’s story that contains innovative concepts and fascinating characters.”
— Edith Wairimu
★★★★★ I would highly recommend Realia to fans of adventurous MG sci-fi, appealing protagonists with credible flaws, and for technology enthusiasts everywhere.”
— K.C. Finn
★★★★★ It is extremely well written, and Ulric Alvin Watts’s expertise is equal to his ability to inspire the reader to read further.”
— Astrid Iustulin
★★★★★ The twists and turns will surprise you and the ending may just take you to a place that is unforgettable.”
— Jacob R LaMar
★★★★ Realia is an enchanting journey seen from an eleven-year-old’s perspective and understanding, brilliantly told by Ulric Alvin Watts.”
— Stefan Vucak

Read the first quarter or so of the book here!

(If you’re considering purchasing this book for someone else and could use some more information about it, you can go here for a slightly more detailed synopsis. Just be warned that it spoils some major plot twists.)

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(N.B.: I am Ulric Alvin Watts. [Proof])