About Me

In my youth, I had an inclination to entertain other people, and to keep things organized. Today, I am aiming for a career in archives of film and other moving images.

I aspired towards work in film for most of my life, but I've had ideas about becoming a librarian, even before I realized there was more to the job than checking out books for people. After being trained in the ways of the filmmaker and cineaste, I took internships in independent movies before working the camera for the nightly newscast of a local television station.

From there, I completed a Master's program for library and information science, so that I may maintain the sanctity of the artwork to entertain future generations... and be readily accessible and neatly organized.

About This Site

I created this site in the autumn of 2007 for prospective clients and employers when I was doing freelance work as a videographer. Since then, while I'm still up for the odd job, it's no longer the focus of my work. But seeing as how I already have this website, I might as well make the most of it.

This site has since expanded to become a hub of sorts for my activities on the Internet. Here you can find samples of my published writings, as well as amateur home videos I've produced.

I take the infrastructure of this site seriously, and to that end, I strive to ensure that everything here is standards-compliant.

I designed this site to be "forward-compatible," i.e. to be easily improved upon and added to the in the future. You may notice that some of my pages are somewhat empty for now, as I've created them to accommodate new items if and when I create them.